Columns Columns Spiral Column Clasic spirals are a colorful entrance to any event. This is an example of 3 colors 166201253 Spiral Column This colums is also 3 colors but is set up with double rows making a much bolder color statement 166201255 Greek Column The greek column can be set up with multi colors in the center and the top and bottom with a solid color for good contrast and a more interesting shape 166201254 Candlestick Columns Elegant columns shaped like candle sticks. These were done for a wedding with heats on top and silk red rose 166201257 Square Stack Great for a differnt style and shape 166201259 Stipes Something a little different than a spiral for a multi color column 166201260 Topiary The topiary column is perfect for weddings and formal affairs. It Has a light airy look in an all air filled design. 166201261 Roses are Pink... Columns with rose mylars on top with mixed color and printed latex for added texture 197908016 4 color colums 197908017 Gift Tree This fun column looks like a stack of packages 197908018 Party Zone example of columns and trees to match 197908019 Balloon Trees this is also a air filled tree with the package base 197908020 Job Fair 197908021 Polka Dots 197908022 202868204 202868205 #2 pencil column 202868206 Bookworm column 202868207 Fun & Funky Column 202868208